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to the very end, give the full strength of the law to that one which is lying, who was committing perjury, and i signed that. i include that on the -- with my uncle, with an affidavit to them, to the committee, to make sure that whoever was lying of the two of us would be prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law. i don't know what ever happened to that document, because he gave satisfaction to me but i don't -- i guess they never gave an additional sentence to meleone, or maybe they were afraid that meleone would come back and say that they promised him some leniency by lying. c-span: how many interviews have you given so far on your book? >> guest: oh, i guess it is just... c-span: how long have you been on -- are you on a tour? >> guest: yes, it is about a three-days tour. c-span: what is the reaction? >> guest: i think it has been very positive. c-span: are you getting an opportunity to tell your side of the story? >> guest: most of the places, yes. c-span: when they, people disagree with you strongly, what is it over, at this stage? >> guest: what is that? c-span: what do people st
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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